About Rachelle

My name is Rachelle. I was born and raised in a French-speaking family. In this family, I have 6 brothers and three sisters.  My mom still lives back home on the family farm, and my dad passed away November 8th, 2010.

At age 24, after a failed marriage, I decided to start over in Prince George with my two children Melanie and Serge. In the beginning, we experienced some hardship, raising the family on my own.  I had my third child Kathryne and shorthly thereafter I got remarried.  I am blessed with two others sons and a total of 9 grand kids.   And after 21 years of marriage, I chose to leave with mixed emotions.

I really started looking at my life and changing why I kept repeating the same patterns in my life.   I could not bear the thought of feeling so empty and sad all the time. I kept looking to fulfill my life with more but I had no idea what I was looking for.   After many unhealthy relationships, and a romance scam, I had to look at the common denominator which was me.  What was I missing?  I had lots of questions and no answer.

Heading to Hinton one long weekend and Listening to a CD from Louise Hay, she said “Have you ever said why can’t my spouse love me for me”.  The tears were rolling down my face.  She had hit it right on the nail.  I was expecting my ex-husband to love me for me!  Louise next words helped me change my direction “If you say those words it means  that you are not receiving love from the most important person in your life, which was myself.”  She was so right I kept giving to everyone else until I had nothing left.    After that weekend of soul searching I knew I needed to break those life patterns.  I started taking different training to help me, and release trapped emotions and imbalances in my body and that is when my life started changing in a better direction.

Learning to love myself was first on the agenda.  In January of 2010, a friend of mine, Barb, asked if I would go and see Dr. Franzi Ng.   She was demonstrating a free seminar on TFT at the Connaught Youth Centre.  I had heard of Thought Field Therapy but was totally unsure as to what it was all about and how it could help me.  When Dr. Franzi picked me to demonstrate how it works, I brought all my many issues to the table.  I followed her instructions, tapped on different acupressure points and felt layer upon layer lift.  My headache was gone instantly, and I was breathing normally again.  It did not take 10 minutes.  When I left I was a different person.  The following month I took her course in TFT Algorithms, the basic level training.

The Emotion Code also made a huge impact on my life after my dad’s death, a peer showed me how it worked at releasing trapped emotions.  When they get trapped in the body they can cause disease, illness, pain and so many more issues.   I knew that I needed to share this with the world.  Many people go through similar or totally different issues in their lives and not knowing how to get rid of the garbage that destroys so many individuals, couples and families.   There is no need to suffer in silence !!

Would I change any part of my life? NEVER.  What I went through in life were all lessons learned so I could extend my hand and help someone else to remember the lessons  by letting go of the pain associated with those memories.

I chose to make a difference in the world we live in and it all started by learning to love myself unconditionally.   Ever since I was little that has always been my dream  to help people and that is how I have always been through all my life.  I extend my hand and ask that you come and join me at making this world a better place.

One song that can explain what I feel in my heart is by Johnny Reid called ” Today I’m gonna change the world”