Part 2 on how to open your heart and find love

We all know that the emotions we feel are actually “energetic” in nature.  Each emotion has its own very unique vibrational frequency.  For an example if you are feeling fear it will vibrate at a different frequency than sadness, or feeling worthless.

You more than likely will be able to acknowledge at times some of the emotions we feel are overwhelming, and we try to handle them on our own just to find out that the body actually cannot process them.  So they become “Trapped Emotions”, they can lodge anywhere in your body.  They cause a lot of pain and suffering in ourselves and every person we know have the same issue as us.

I am sure you can remember a time when you felt like your heart was going to break, the sadness, the grief you felt you could not go on anymore, the pain was too deep to continue.   When that happens your heart creates an energetic heart wall so it protects you from feeling that deep intense pain, so that you never have to feel that again.  You are not alone if you have felt that pain.

The human heart was believed to be the vulnerable core of our being, the seat of our soul and the source of our creativity and love.  Our heart is like a second brain it remembers a lot, it stores memories of places we have been, things we enjoyed, music food.  You will see that in heart transplant patients.  I have lots of stories to share in regards to the heart being a brain and what it remembers.

In case you were asking how far does the magnetic field of the heart extends.  Well it goes into all directions and up to 12 feet in diameter.  There are studies that have been done and it shows that when you feel love and affection for a person it will show in their magnetic brain wave.

When the deepest part of our core is under attack it is normal for the subconscious to put an energetic wall to protect it from totally broken.  All those come from trapped emotions that are lodged in your own body when you were under lots of emotional stress.

Your heart wall causes you to lose a lot of what life has to offer, it will filter all.. I look at it as a screen, when you are trying to send love to someone who you feel attracted to, by the time it goes all through the experiences you had in life and your heart wall, the emotions you felt and the person receiving them have totally been changed.  We will never be able to create the life we want, to give and receive love and to find a partner, a mate.

How do you know if you have a “Heart Wall”, it is very easy to find out.  And if you do, what price will you end up paying for not having it removed? 93% of the population are suffering from a heart wall, some of those emotions are self-sabotage, depression, loneliness, sadness and so many more.

After removing the heart wall, you will feel and see things changing in your life.  People all over the world are learning on how to do that for themselves or go see a practitioner to help them do that.  The choice is yours.

The information available is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.