About Rachelle

My name is Rachelle. I was born and raised in a French-speaking family. In this family, I have 6 brothers and three sisters.  My mom still lives back home on the family farm, and my dad passed away November 8th, 2010. At age 24, after a failed marriage, I decided to start over in Prince George… (read more)


Aura Empowerment Reiki Chakra Clearing & Healing Conscious Systems – Dr. Mark Dunn Course in Miracles Healing Pathway Love or Above Matrix Energetics Physics and Spiritual Healing for Healers (Post Traumatic Stress) Quantum Touch Reiki – Usui System (Grand Master) Spiritual Companioning The Body Code The Emotion Code The Journey – Visionary Leadership Intensive The… (read more)

Healing Modalities

LOOKING FOR REIKI TRAINING I give Reiki training from level I to Reiki Grand Master.  for more information please give me a call at 250-961-0714 or en email at rachelle@perpetualtransformation.ca I have all the certifications for the training in a binder at home, too numerous to post. I use a variety of different healing modalities… (read more)

How Does It Work?

1) Meet in Person or Teleconference We meet in person or teleconference via Skype or phone to discuss what I can do to help you. We will also converse regarding what modality is best for your needs. 2) Discuss Desires and Future Expectation We next  discuss where you would like to be and how you would like to feel in… (read more)


Welcome to Perpetual Transformation of the Body, Mind and Soul. I am a mother of five children and a grandmother of nine, and have been in Prince George for twenty nine years. What Do We Do at Perpetual Transformation? What we do at Perpetual Transformation is bring healing and wellness to a new level.  Our main… (read more)