I had been suffering for 20 – 25 years with Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, and a few years ago, Spinal Stenosis, among other emotional issues. I was introduced to Rachelle’s practice by a loved one.
She worked (I call it her magic) on me, via long distance, as we live 9 provinces apart. The pain I had was very debilitating and on going each and every day. Since Rachelle has been working with me, I can honestly say the pain level has been reduced by 75%. I am no longer in need of many pain meds, I can walk much further than before, can enjoy some activities, which were impossible before.
 When asked, I actually have to stop and think, whether I have any pain or not. The muscle spasms have almost stopped completely. In her healing, she also uncovered a lot about myself emotionally, that I had, unknowingly, put on a back burner for many years. It was a real wake up call. I have no doubt in my mind, by her uncovering these issues, that this is where I seem to be finding a peace surrounding me, because I had no choice but to deal with these issues. Not an easy task.
 It seems like a thousand pounds have been lifted from my shoulders. Wish I lived closer so I could thank her personally. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Sometimes, we are not even aware of some issues, until they are uncovered, and this is what this Angel has done for me. Rachelle, I thank you so very much!!!
Theresa,    New Brunswick
“I spent 3 weeks in bed other than when I was going to doctors for a lung condition.  I went through a number of traditional medical treatments which did nothing to help my condition.   I went to Rachelle and had a Reiki session then she did some body code work.  On my way home I stopped and picked up some colloidal silver as she suggested.  Ever since then I am seeing improvement every day.  Rachelle is amazing and I highly recommend her.
Linda, Prince George”


With the kind of work that I do I am always on my feet all day long. I have seen a doctor in regards to the pain in my right knee and was getting worse. I got a prescription to relieve the pain and I was also sent for physiotherapy. After 1.5 months I was talking with Rachelle and she mentioned to me what she did with The Emotion Code. I was a skeptic I honestly did not believe she could do much for me I am living a few provinces away from her and if the Doctor and Physiotherapist could not get rid of the pain. I had nothing to lose. She did what she did with me. The next morning I was on my way to work I was leaving my house and I realized I had no pain in my leg. I phoned and phoned until she answered and I said “Whatever you did worked I have no pain at all in my leg.” I am doing the happy dance. After I was done work I phoned her back to let her know the pain was not there even after being on my feet all day. Since then I had her working with me many times. It’s been since May 2011 and the pain has not returned at all. I am always amazed with the results. The best part she can work with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thanks Rachelle for your help.

RLP, Saskatoon, SK


I went through a separation, and am having a lot of trouble with the whole situation. My whole world came crumbling down. Life has been a constant battle ever since I was little. Being physically, verbally and emotionally abused growing up and you think you have handled it when all I had done was buried it in my sub conscious. Before she started working with me I was almost always into a 10 degree of discomfort. Rachelle has worked with me on many occasions, and when she brought up certain emotions and at what age it occurred I knew instantly what it was. I cried lots finally I was able to release them.   Still having some tough moments but they are getting few and far in between. I always look forward for her to work with me. Very grateful you are able to help me.

MPC, Prince George, BC


The pain in my shoulders was so intense I had issues moving my arm any sudden movements would bring tears to my eyes. She used The Emotion Code and Reiki with me. When she mentioned the Trapped Emotion that occurred when I was 8 years old I started crying I knew immediately what Rachelle was talking about. After not even 8 minutes my pain was totally gone, my SUD was at Zero. I always felt I was carrying the whole world. I felt so relieved and happy to know that my dad and my grandpa have been released also. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Martha, Prince George, BC


I have an addiction with sugar all I want is anything that is loaded with sugar. In whatever form I can get it is all good for me. She asked for my SUD which is a definite 10 plus. I went to see Rachelle for a session that and we talked about my addiction.    I honestly did not think anyone could take away the desire of “Sweets” all the time. When I sat down she did Reiki to clear first, then went into The Emotion Code and TFT. We talked about relationship issues when I was 19 and that is where it stemmed from. Well after 10 minutes the craving for sweets was at 0. Afterwards I went to a workshop and they were giving donuts, and when they asked me which one I would like I said without hesitation I said “No Thank You”. I felt like someone else was speaking for me, I NEVER refuse sweets. I am surely happy she worked with me in regards to that. It’s been since August and I once in awhile I will have one donut and it does not appeal to me as before and anything sweet as a matter of fact. I went from a 10+ to zero in less than 10 minutes. All I can say is Happy you shared with me. The best is I am losing weight now.

Theresa, Prince George, BC


I have bad asthma and a lot of other lung issues, constantly I was given medication to help with that. I met Rachelle and I asked if she would be able to see what and could be done. Having lived with breathing issues all my life I doubted anyone could do anything about it. I am open at trying anything to help with that. She used The Emotion Code and TFT. She brought up bitterness, resentment that, are located in my left lung, helplessness and low self esteem. I knew exactly what she was talking about I cried so much and when I was able to Speak all I could say is that I felt such intense heat from your hands. I feel so much lighter when I got off the chair. Rachelle still has work to do with me and I will keep you posted. I started with a SUD of 10 and I was down to a 3.

Brenda A. Prince George, BC


I will not share very much of my past traumas I endured throughout my life. My SUD is a 10 plus at the beginning. All I wanted to do was die, I have so much difficulty breathing, the Emotions are so deep. I volunteered for Rachelle to work on me I kept repeating please take it all out. I wanted her to take away all the pain in just one shot. The one Trapped Emotions in me that I will share was despair since I was 17 and it was inherited from 5 generations back. When she released it, all I can describe is that it was so big the pain inside me the emotions that I felt. I just cried for a good 10 minutes. I have lots to deal with and I keep working with Rachelle until I can see life in a different manner. I am very fortunate to have met her by accident, and I know we were meant to meet so she could help me. My SUD is down to a 3.

Valentina M. Vancouver, BC


Rachelle is working with my dog name Ottawa at the present. She was not eating or drinking at all and did not want to move either from her kennel looks like she had given up. She is working by proxy on my dog using The Body Code and The Emotion Code. I have seen a difference in her in the last week. It was amazing she suggested I add some mineral to her diet. She is back to eating more regularly and drinking. Her digestive track seems to be better. She needs to work on a cyst that is growing. She talked about imbalances in her body. Very interesting what she share with me! Whatever she can do to help my dog I am very grateful. I keep track of her progress daily as she had mentioned that it is subtle at times. Ottawa went through lots already and we are all so close to her we don’t want anything to go wrong with her. It was worth Rachelle doing what she needs to do with her.

B. Cyr. France


A couple of months ago, I had heard that Rachelle worked on animals and we were going to have to euthanize our cat as she was peeing everywhere, was scared of everyone even my own children. She came over to work with the cat and my son was holding her and within 1 minute she was gone. She used a proxy to work on the cat. She released the Trapped Emotions in the cat and left a list of what she had done. That same night, it was just unbelievable the cat spread on the floor and wanted someone to rub her belly and day after day she was getting friendlier and friendlier. The best part is that she does not pee everywhere in the house like she used to. What a relief. She is definitely a different cat than what we were used to. I would have never thought that Trapped Emotions would affect a cat like that. She is still doing awesome and totally friendly.

MH, Prince George, BC


My dog Star is a Blue Heeler and has been very aggressive, and always wants all the attention, and does not like our other dog Mona. I asked Rachelle to do what she could for both dogs. After releasing many trapped emotions from Star, she put her paw on Rachelle and then licked her all the emotions that she found in Star, and also the age when it happened is amazing. All relevant to what was happening at the time. Before, Star would chase Mona away and preventing her from eating her food. I needed to be there constantly to watch Star as Mona would never get to eat.

Mona is a 2 yr German shepherd has been terrorized by Star and was not allowed in the house unless an adult was there always, in some kind of fight with Star. When Rachelle started working on Mona after the first released Trapped Emotions she just put her head on her knee and let her just finish. Her head never left her knee until she was done, then she got licked and kissed and laid her head on her feet.

Very seldom is there any fighting between the two of them, and especially when it is time to eat.

SCM, Prince George, BC